Upcoming Events


PLEASE NOTE: Due to lack of agenda items, the Spring Delegate Meeting has been CANCELLED. 

2018 Conference Events

January 8, 7pmMission Board Meeting
January 9, 1:00pmQuarterly Ministers Meeting
February 13, 9:30amPastor Peer
March 6, 8:00amConference Board Meeting
March 13, 9:30amPastor Peer
March 22, 6:30pmSpring Delegate Meeting
March 24-25Spring Missionary Conference
April 3, 1:00pmQuarterly Ministers Meeting
April 9, 7:00pmMission Board Meeting
April 10, 9:30amPastor Peer
April 27-29Leadership Retreat
May 8, 9:30amPastor Peer
June 5, 8:00amConference Board Meeting
June 12, 9:30amPastor Peer
July 3, 1:00pmQuarterly Ministers Meeting
July 9, 7:00pmMission Board Meeting
July 10, 9:30amPastor Peer
August 14, 9:30amPastor Peer
September 4, 8:00amConference Board Meeting
September 11, 9:30amPastor Peer
October 2, 1:00pmQuarterly Ministers Meeting
October 8, 7:00pmMission Board Meeting
October 9, 9:30amPastor Peer
November 8, 6:30pmFall Delegate Meeting
November 11Annual Meeting
November 13, 9:30amPastor Peer
December 4, 8:00amConference Board
December 11, 9:30amPastor Peer